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Three Decades of ACON Detektive
ACON Detektive Idel GmbH investigation agency, founded in 1988 with its head office in Solingen.


Marriage fraud? 

Acon Detektive investigates

Sweetheart swindlers

ACON private detectives have been investigating in cases of marriage fraud (romance scamming) on a national and international scale for three decades

Marriage fraud is a crime covered by Section 263 of the German Criminal Code.

Marriage fraud is not a trivial offence. The sweetheart swindler operates under a wide variety of covers. The chance holiday acquaintance or the friendly Internet contact via one of the large number of dating platforms as well as targeted lonely hearts advertisements or replies to advertisements conjure up the partnership swindlers.

Apart from the frequently very high financial damage, the health of victims of romance scammers is often badly affected. The despair, disappointment and grief over the loss of the purported sweetheart who is now a perpetrator are added to the pure psychological impact of being a victim of fraud.

The realisation and the helplessness caused by seemingly not being able to fight back also represent a high emotional burden for the affected persons. It is often underestimated how much victims of sweetheart swindlers suffer.

Apart from the material loss, being a victim of fraud on the basis of deep affection or love felt for the perpetrator leaves behind a feeling of despair, grief and frequently shame.

Victims often have to undergo psychological treatment. Subsequent acquaintances or attempts to enter into partnerships have to suffer the consequences.


 *** ACON Detektive carries out investigations in the entire Federal Republic of Germany at a standard rate ***

The most frequent questions which victims ask are as follows:

Detektiv Norbert Idel
(Norbert Idel - 35 years of experience in marriage fraud (scamming) and fraud)
  • How this could happen to me?
  • Why didn't I notice it myself?
  • Who can I confide in?
  • Who can help me in this situation?
  • Why did I ignore the advice of my friends?
  • How can I ever trust my partner again?
  • How can I assert my rights?
  • How can I replace my material losses?
  • Do I have any legal options abroad?

ACON private detectives - nationally and internationally

Three decades of investigative experience in cases of fraudulent marriage proposal and fraud

The perpetrators are perfectly trained in the whole complex of fraud and fraudulent marriage proposals and have a great deal of experience in dealing with other people. You are "enamoured" as it were. The perpetrators manipulate their victims so skillfully that they do not even have to ask for donations or money - instead the victims are controlled, so that they offer help themselves, e.g. to pay for the operation of the perpetrator's mother who is suffering from cancer, a car repair or money for procuring identity documents.

The perpetrators can frequently be found among the hotel staff - from the entertainer to the barman on the beach - in North African countries like Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and also in Lebanon. In many cases, our detectives were able to prove that a perpetrator made several women "happy" at the same time.

Personal enrichment or a residence permit for a European country are the goal of the perpetrators here. For the most part, women from East European countries find their victims when they are on holiday and via Internet portals. This often concerns organized crime. The victims are also strung along and enamoured here and sometimes even conned out of "house and home". The groups of perpetrators research the background of their victims to determine which assets they have and orient their actions accordingly.

The sweetheart swindlers and romance scammers act so skillfully that the victims are even prepared to transfer significant amounts abroad - usually via Western Union - without ever having met the woman personally. This shows how trained and skilled these groups of perpetrators are. Although shame is totally inappropriate here, the victims shy away from filing a complaint or confiding in someone.

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The private detectives of our investigation agency increasingly investigate internationally. Most cases in the last 3 decades were processed in Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine, Greece, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Kenya.

Our investigation agency is frequently instructed to check the provided curriculum vitae or personal circumstances of the purported sweetheart.

Unfortunately we often discover that the sweethearts are already married to a local or are cultivating several romantic liaisons.

After well over 30 years of experience in the issue of marriage fraud, you can talk to our experienced detectives or me in person.

We will be pleased to advise you discretely and without obligation in this sensitive subject.

Norbert Idel

Our detectives are also active in other areas of marriage fraud, e.g. romance scamming and fraud.

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